Filter element, tap, local installation

Ceramic water filter element with tap, for purification of drinking water. To be installed on locally procured top and bottom plastic containers.
Output from 10 to 80 l/d, depending on the raw water quality.
Indicative Price 22.70 USD
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General Description:
Ceramic water filter element with tap, for purification and partial disinfection of drinking water. To be installed on locally procured top and bottom plastic containers.

Technical specifications:
Ceramic filter element suitable for gravity flow purification of drinking water with output of up to 80 litres per day (4 litres per hour).
When using cloudy/murky raw water the output may be as low as 10 litres per day.

The filter element must be installed with locally procured containers/buckets made from food grade plastic material, e.g. virgin polypropylene or HDPE/LLDPE, to form the water filter with top raw water container and bottom safe water storage container.

The ceramic filter element (horizontal or vertical round candle) is fixed at the bottom of the upper container with lid, while the tap is fixed on the lower safe water storage container, which can come with a supporting lid for the upper container. The filter element may be equipped with a fast flow hose to increase the flow rate.

The ceramic filter element has the following specifications:
- The element is cleanable at least 100 times with a soft brush,
- Meets the minimum requirements of the WHO International Scheme to Evaluate Household Water Treatment Technologies, the following NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) standards: Drinking water treatment units, Health effects (ANSI/NSF 53-2001); Drinking water treatment units, Aesthetic effects (ANSI/NSF 42-2001); or equivalent certifications.
- The element has at least the following filtering efficiency, as per WHO’s Scheme targeted protection requirements:
Removes 99% of bacteria
Removes 99% of protozoa

The kit comes at a minimum with the following items:
-Ceramic filter element
-Gaskets for fixing of the above-mentioned items on to the locally procured containers
-Sponge or scrub pad
Optionally, the kit may also include:
-End of life indicator for the filter element
-Step-drill or stickers for making holes on the locally procured containers

Detailed instructions on the installation, use and maintenance of the filter are included with the kit.
For more information on filters, please consult the House hold Water Filter Product Guide.

Packaging and labelling
Palletized in heavy duty export carton, bulk or other optimized quantity per pack unit. The filter elements are safely packed/protected to avoid breaking during transport.

Spare ceramic candles:
Spare/replacement ceramic candles can be ordered using material number “U439400 Spare ceramic filter element”. In order to get the adequate spare/replacement, please indicate the initial SO/PO reference.

S0005927 – Filter, drinking, approx. 10L container
S0005928 – Filter, drinking, approx. 7L container
S0005929 – Filter, drinking, approx. 15L container
S0005931 – Filter element, siphon hose, local inst.
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