PCR Consumable Bundle-1. YF Dx

PCR consumables bundle-1 for Yellow Fever Molecular Diagnosis.
Indicative Price 1,176.06 USD
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General description:
PCR consumables bundle-1 for Yellow Fever Molecular Diagnosis.

Supplier product reference code:
(A-PCR-Bundle 1) PCR Consumable_Bundle 1_AMEX

Bundle composition:
5 x S0001651 Pipet,tip,barri,ster,blue,1000ul,Rack960 (Manufacturer product ref code: 2-203-C4-0)
4 x S0006259 Pipette,tip,barrier,ster,200ul,Rack/960 (Manufacturer product ref code: 2-128-C5-0)
1 x S0004088 Pipette,tip,barrier,ster,2-20ul,Rack/960 (Manufacturer product ref code: 2-118-C5-0)
2 x S0004087 PCR tubes,0.2ml,8-strip format,BOX-125 (Manufacturer product ref code: 4316567)
1 x S0004085 PCRopticalcaps,0.1/0.2ml,8-strip,BOX-300 (Manufacturer product ref code: 4323032)
2 x S0004082 Tube,snapcap,sterile,conic,1.5ml,BOX-500 (Manufacturer product ref code: 3-207-C5-0)
1 x S0004081 Tube,screwcap,sterile,conic,50ml,BOX-500 (Manufacturer product ref code: 3-273-25-8)
1 x S0004080 Tube,screwcap,sterile,conic,15ml,BOX-500 (Manufacturer product ref code: 3-257-25-8)
1 x S0001437 Bag, biohazard, 20L, box/100 (Manufacturer product ref code: F13164-1923)

Shelf life:
S0001651 Pipet,tip,barri,ster,blue,1000ul,Rack960: 3 years
S0006259 Pipette,tip,barrier,ster,200ul,Rack/960: 3 years
S0004088 Pipette,tip,barrier,ster,2-20ul,Rack/960: 3 years
S0004087 PCR tubes,0.2ml,8-strip format,BOX-125: N/A
S0004085 PCRopticalcaps,0.1/0.2ml,8-strip,BOX-300: N/A
S0004082 Tube,snapcap,sterile,conic,1.5ml,BOX-500: 3 years
S0004081 Tube,screwcap,sterile,conic,50ml,BOX-500: 3 years
S0004080 Tube,screwcap,sterile,conic,15ml,BOX-500: 3 years
S0001437 Bag, biohazard, 20L, box/100: N/A

Weight & volume:
Estimated weight: 50.00 kg
Estimated volume: 0.4 m3

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