VHF portable radio kit,Motorola GP380

Portable VHF radio kit containing Motorola GP380 handset with two
batteries and charger.
Indicative Price 411.23 USD
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General Description:
Portable VHF radio kit containing Motorola GP380 handset with two batteries and charger.

Technical Specifications:
Full keyboard for improved selective dialling and telephone dialling (in networks with these services)
255 channel capacity.
Display with 4 lines/14 characters.
Signal strength and battery level indicator.
Private line and 5-tone selective signalling.
Low or high power (1-5 Watt).
Programmable channel spacing (12.5-25kHz).
Channel scanning.
X-pand voice compression (improved audio quality).
VOX (hands-free transmission) possibility.
Emergency signalling (sends help signal to pre-defined person/group, can be as pre-recorded voice message).
"Lone Worker" (radio enters emergency mode if user does not respond to warning signal).
"Whisper" function (allows user to whisper and still be received clearly).
Call forward function, stunning and missed call alert.

Supplied with:
MDH25RDH9AN6_E - Motorola GP380 VHF 136-174MHz, 255Ch, 5W, menu keypad, select 5, inclusive standard battery (HNN9008_R), antenna, belt clip and user guide.
MDHTN3001 - 230V single unit charger, (European plug).
HNN9008 R - NiMH high capacity battery.

Transport and storage:
Regulated, requires import license and frequency license in most countries.

Packaging: Cardboard box, 2kg, 0.003m3
Estimated dimensions: (Transceiver only): 137 x 57.5 x 37.5mm

Instruction for use:
Personal handheld VHF radio used in standard UN/UNICEF VHF networks on simplex and duplex (repeater) channels
Always inform operating frequency when ordering radio equipment.
For additional technical information/support, please consult with the NYHQ ITD/Global Telecommunications Section in New York (Tel.:+1 212 326 7123, email: globalhelpdesk@unicef.org), or the Regional Telecom Officer.

Precondition for utilisation:
Users require basic training prior to having the handheld assigned

Alternative if the item is not available:
S0006637 - VHF portable radio kit - Motorola GP388

Complementary Requirements to be ordered separately:
Extra spare battery

Emergency scenarios:
All emergencies and security environments

Context in which item is mainly used:
Areas with security phase I or higher require independent UN radio networks. From security phase III, individual handheld radio is mandatory for all staff. VHF radio networks also provide operational support where no other infrastructure exists.

Country considerations:
In certain countries the use of radio equipment might be sensitive for various reasons. Licenses of import and of radio frequencies are required in most countries.
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