GM360,extended control head version

Motorola GM360 Mobile station kit, extended control head version
Indicative Price 763.85 USD
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General Description:
Extended control head version of S0006629 - Mobile station kit,
Motorola GM360.

Complete VHF mobile station kit with extended front control for ease of installation, 25 Watt, 255 channels, consisting of Motorola GM360, with fixed mount 5/8 wavelength mobile antenna, cables and microphone. (For base-station see catalogue number: S0006630).

Technical Specifications:
Advanced VHF (146-174MHz) mobile radio with extended control head and 3 meter interconnect cable.
Internal loudspeaker.
Up to 255 channels, 25 watt output, (programmable 1-25W).
7 programmable buttons, 3 status LEDs.
Programmable channel spacing (12.5-25kHz).
Display with 4 lines/14 character.
Voice storage function (voice mail) and scanning.
Select V (Select 5) signalling.

Supplied with:
MDM25KHF9AN5_E: Motorola GM360 mobile, select 5, VHF (136-174MHz), 1-25W, 255 channels.
MH 3-ZP4R/BNC: 5/8lmb mobile antenna w/stainless steel whip, 4m
coax cable and Z-Mount with BNC.
RLN4802 Motorola Remote mount kit for GM360/GM660.
RKN4077 Motorola Remote mounting cable, 3m.

Weight and Volume:
Estimated weight: 4.5kg
Estimated volume: 0.03m3

The extended control version of the GM360 mobile allows for ease of installation, as the bulky transceiver part can be installed anywhere (for instance inside the dashboard or under a seat) while the control head (with display, channel and volume controls, etc) is the only visible part.
The control cable is standard three meter length.

Always inform operating frequency when ordering radio equipment.

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Please contact UNICEF Supply Division.

For additional technical information/support, please consult
with the NYHQ ITD/Global Telecommunications Section in New York (Tel.:+1 212 326 7123, email: globalhelpdesk@unicef.org), or the Regional Telecom Officer.

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