HF radio base kit,Codan NGT-SRx

Standard HF base station radio for use in standard UN/UNICEF HF networks
Indicative Price 4,641.52 USD
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General Description:
Standard HF base station radio for use in standard UN/UNICEF HF networks

Technical Specifications:
HF base station radio kit; radio w/handset, RF unit, PSU, power cables w/fuse, desk console, base antenna, coaxial cable, lightening arrestor
Standard 4/6-digit selective calling, emergency calling, GPS enabled, ALE/CALM, optional telephone interconnect
1.6-30MHz, 125W PEP, 400 channels, USB/LSB, AM, AFSK, scanning
Data ready with additional cooling fans for interconnect with Codan data modem

The radio will require import license and frequency licensing in most countries.

Packed in a cardboard box

Weight and Volume:
Weight: 6.6kg
Volume: 0.2m3

Instruction for use:
Base station HF radio used in standard UN/UNICEF HF networks on simplex channels

Emergency scenarios
All emergency and security environments

Context in which item is mainly used:
Areas with security phase I or higher require independent UN radio networks. From security phase I, permanently installed radio is mandatory in at least common services radio rooms. VHF radio networks also provide operational support where no other infrastructure exists

Country considerations:
The use of radio equipment might be sensitive due to several reasons in certain countries. Licensing for import and use of radio frequencies is required in most countries.

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