HF data modem,Codan 3012

Modem for data over HF radio, Codan 3012 with communications software.
Indicative Price 2,423.55 USD
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General Description:
Modem for data over HF radio, Codan 3012 with communications software.

For use with data capable HF base station
(Codan 9360 or Codan NGT-SR).

Technical Specifications:
Data mode: Selective repeat ARQ Protocol, 2400 bps-16
channel QPSK modulation.
Link establishment mode: Proprietary link establishment
80 baud CHIRP.
Data compression: In-built data compression.
Rate of data transfer: Up to 6000 pbs (compressed), Up to 1475 bps (uncompressed).
Transceiver Interface: 9600 baud RS232; TR.29 based AT port.
Primary Power: 13.5V DC nominal (250 mA max), 9-16V DC operating range.
Temperature: 0°C to 55°C.
Size: 210mm W x 240mm D x 65mm H (including rear connectors).
Weight: 1,8kg.

Supplied with:
Codan 3102 - Codan 3012 Data modem.
Codan 9102 - Software for PC control of modem.
08-05712-001 - Codan interface cable NGT to modem.

The Codan 3012 modem is similar to previous Codan 9002 modem. The 3012 has a built-in opto-coupler (the 9002 required external opto-coupler).

Note that specific Codan interface cables are required for connection modem-transceiver.

Due to the limited speed available special care must be taken when considering and planning a data over HF-radio connection. Always seek the advice of Regional Telecoms Officer or NYHQ/GTS prior to initiating procurement.
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