CODAN EnvoyX2 BaseStation DeskConsoleKIT

CODAN Envoy X2 Base Station with Desk Console(KIT)
Indicative Price 4,086.48 USD

General Description:
CODAN Envoy X2 Base Station with Desk Console(KIT)

Technical Specifications:
08-07218-002 RF Unit, 2210 Envoy X2
08-07204-001Desk Console, 2230 Envoy X2
15-60025 2230 Desk Console Boom Microphone
08-07205-006 Cable, Console to RF Unit, 2230 6m
15-10469-000 Fan for Transceiver, mounted
15-00136 Transceiver Mounting Cradle
78-20022 Transceiver Power Supply, 3020
67-90308 Mains Cable, EU plug, 2m
30-11208-000 Self Adhesive Rubber Feet qty 4
05-06374 Earth Braid
15-00411-004 Broadband Antenna 2-30 MHz, 125W, 411/E
08-04971-040 RG213 Coaxial Cable Terminated with PL-259 male connectors, 40m$131.17
08-01233 Antenna Strain Relief
30-38000-002 Shackle, “D” ¼ galvanized
15-00464 Lightning Arrestor, with PL-259 female Connectors
15-00702 Battery Cable Kit
15-10560 Option FED-STD-1045 ALE, 2210
15-10561 Option GPS Enable, 2210
30-39304-001 Self-Amalgamating Tape
15-04177-EN Getting Started Guide, Envoy X1 and X21
06-02809-EN Quick Reference Card, Envoy X1 and X2
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