CODAN EnvoyX1 MobileRadio Only Kit

CODAN Envoy X1 Mobile Radio Only Kit
Indicative Price 1,794.77 USD
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General Description:
CODAN Envoy X1 Mobile Radio Only Kit

Technical Specifications:
CODAN Envoy X1 Mobile Radio Only Kit
(Note: This kit is designed to upgrade an existing NGT-SRx mobile station to Envoy, and is not a complete base station kit.)

08-07218-001 RF Unit, 2210 Envoy X1
08-07000-001 Handset, 2220 Envoy Full Keyboard
15-00149 Handset Cradle, 2220
08-06022-001 Cable, Control Envoy, 6m.
15-10560 Option FED-STD-1045 ALE, 2210
15-10561 Option GPS Enable, 2210
15-04177-EN Getting Started Guide, Envoy X1 and X2
06-02809-EN Quick Reference Card, Envoy X1 and X2

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