CODAN 2110V HF Radio Manpack

CODAN 2110V HF Radio Manpack
Indicative Price 6,527.86 USD

General Description:
CODAN 2110V HF Radio Manpack

Technical Specifications:
08-06155-003 2110V Transceiver Unit
15-10479 Option ALE (FED-STD-1045)
15-10525-000 Option GPS Receiver
08-06185-001 Battery Pack, 12V 8Ah NiMH
78-08000 H-250/U Handset
08-06259-001 Earth Wire with clip
15-00446 4-wire Counterpoise Kit
15-00452 Antenna, 3m Collapsible Whip
15-00454 Antenna, long Wire
78-02007 3121 Battery Charger, AC Mains
67-90203 AC Mains Cable, EU
78-02008 3122 Battery Charger, DC
08-06216-001 Cable, DC Charger Input, Lighter
08-06217-001 Cable, DC Charger Input, Battery Clips
08-06738-001 Cable, Charger Output 5-way (front panel)
15-00577 Solar Battery Charger Panel
08-06430-001 Solar Battery Charger Lead
15-00218 Soft Backpack
15-04136-EN 2110 Getting Started Guide and Reference Manual (CD)

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