Tool kit,f. ICT technicians,220 VAC eqpt

Tool kit for ICT technicians, 220 VAC equipment
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General Description:
Tool kit composed of essential hand-tools for installation and maintenance of telecommunications systems and solutions (radio, VSAT, data-communications, etc.) at country offices.

Note: This kit is compatible with 220 VAC electrical supply. For countries with 110 VAC electrical supply, choose kit S0006819 Tool kit for ICT technicians, 110 VAC

Technical Specifications:
Tool kit composed of essential hand-tools (pliers, spanners, screwdrivers, wrenches, coaxial cable crimping tools, two soldering irons (electrical and butane-gas operated)), electrical and battery drills, drill bits, measuring instruments (SWR-meter, VOM Multimeter), flashlights, compass and inclinometer (for VSAT alignment), hacksaw, Allen keys, measuring tape, knives, cable ties, antistatic wrist-band and various other useful tools.

Packaging and labelling:
The kit is contained in two sturdy aluminum transport cases. Each individual tool/item is allocated its specific space in the two cases.

Estimated Weight: approximately 50kg
Estimated Volume: approximately 0,25cbm

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables:
The butane soldering iron comes without gas due to airline transport regulations. Butane gas must therefore be acquired locally.

The kit does not contain telecoms connectors (such as coaxial connectors (N, UHF/PL0259, BNC) for RG-213, RG-58 cable types). Such connectors must be ordered separately. Contact Supply Division for advice on where to procure such items.

Instructions for use:
The high quality of this tool kit demands good practical skills from the IT/telecom technician. If used by non-technical and/or personnel without the required skills, it is strongly recommended that some instruction is given prior to using the tools.

Emergency scenarios
All emergency and security environments

Context in which item is mainly used:
The kit is an essential tool for ICT installation and maintenance in all field scenarios, including emergency preparedness and response, business continuity and general ICT work. All field offices are recommended to acquire this kit.

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