Radio Technicians ICT Tool Kit

Radio Technicians ICT Tool Kit
Indicative Price 409.86 USD

General Description:
Radio Technicians ICT Tool Kit

Technical Specifications:
ITC Tool Kit
1.Krefting Hacksaw frame, 300mm 12"
2.Nicholson HSS Hacksaw Blades, 300mm with 24T
3.Lufkin Y823CME Measuring tape, length 3 m graduated in Metric / Inch
4.Tool case, made of special plastic, with padlock hasps, tailor made
5.Padlock, system keys (identical keys for each tool kit)
6.Fluke 376 Clamp Meter, TrueRMS
7.Crimping Pliers for fittings RG213 RG58
8.Crimping Pliers for cable fittings RG58/59/62/6
9.Allen key wrench, size 3,0 to 10mm
10.Screwdriver, watchmaker with 5 tools
11.Soldering wire with flux 0,9mm Coil of 500gr.
12.Tapestry knife, Spare blades (pk of 10 blades)
13.Tapestry knife, small
14.Torch, LED type with 1 x AA batteries
15.Head lamp, with 4 LED/1 x AA battery
16.Level, torpedo type, of plastic with 3 vials. Length 200 mm
17.VDV Multimedia Cable Test (Cat 6 cable tester)
18.Compass, compact sighting with mm & inch scale
19.Silva Survey Master w/ Sight Master and ClinoMaster
20.Set of Torx 9 screw bits: 8-9-10-15-20-25-27-30-40 and holder
21.Screwdrivers, Bahco BE8020L/8040/8150/8155/8160 5 pcs
22.Screwdrivers, Bahco BE8600/8610/8620/8630 4pcs
23.Screwdriver, Stub, Bahco BE8601
24.Screwdriver, Stub, Bahco BE8340
25.Weller Pyropen piezoel Kit, without GAS due to air transport
26.Weller Soldering Iron, 30/40W for 12V battery connection
27.Dummy Load Ntype, direct mounting 50ohms
28.mini-VNA HF/VHF Antenna analyzer, from 0,1 to 200MHz
29.Adaptor Kit, with gold plated centre contacts
30.SWR Meter, VHF/UHF/HF
31.Socket set 3/8 square drive, 8-22mm (New No.)
32.Spanners, Combination, 8-25mm (18 pcs)
33.Hammer, Carpenter 16 Oz w/steel handle
34.Knife, Universal with sheath
35.Tool case with padlock hasps, tailormade Padlock, system keys (identical keys for each tool kit) Conecut Drill, HSS 4-30mm
36.Files, 1 of ea.: 10" Round, Halfround, Flat, 2nd cut w/handle
37.Pliers, snip nose, straight, 160mm
38.Pliers, electronic, side cutting 125mm w/induct. hardened tips
39.Pliers, side cutting, length 150mm
40.Pliers, Vice Grip, Universal, 7" 190mm
41.Wire stripper, single joint for up to 4,5mm
42.Pliers, water pump, length 250mm
43.Adjustable Wrench, length 6", Bahco
44.Adjustable Wrench, length 8", Bahco
45.Philips screw bits Titanium Coated 1/4"sq. PH.1-2-3
46.Twist Drill, Cobalt in box 1 to 10mm by 0,5mm
47.Crimping Pliers w/integrated trays for RJ11 and RJ45 connectors
48.Concrete Drill bits, 5,6,7,8 and 10 x 150mm + 18x 400 - 450mm
49.Bosch Battery Drill 14, 4 V-LI with charger and 2 x 1,3 Ah
50.Bosch, Electric Drill 220V, for SDS-Plus drills in box
51.Adaptor and Keyless-chuck included in Item 50

Items 49 & 50 are shipped in their original boxes, items 48 & 51 inside item 50
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