Map software for GPS receiver

CD-ROM containing maps of the world for upload to GPS receivers (such as catalogue number S0006852)
Indicative Price 22.00 USD
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General Description:
CD-ROM containing maps of the world for upload to GPS

Technical Specifications:
The CD-ROM provides worldwide coverage with base-map level detail including the following features:
Trip and waypoint management functions.
Political boundaries, cities, towns, major motorways, and/or interstates, and principal highways; lakes, major streams, and rivers; and urban areas and railroads.
Coastline detail which includes many offshore islands, as well as worldwide nautical navigation aids.

Instructions for use:
The CD-ROM is inserted into a PC, and map software is uploaded to the GPS receiver using a microSD card or PC USB port.

For prices and delivery time please contact UNICEF Supply Division.

For additional technical information/support, please consult with the NYHQ ITD/Global Telecommunications Section in New York (Tel.: +1 212 3266123, email: globalhelpdesk@unicef.org) or the Regional Telecom Officer.
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