200 Wp Solar Power System,complete

Complete 200 watt solar power system for heavy duty applications.
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General Description:
Complete 200 watt solar power system for heavy-duty applications. Suitable for powering heavy-duty applications such as: HF base station, VHF repeater station, etc. Combined with power inverter (DC to AC) the system can also power AC applications.

Technical Specifications:
4x50W solar electric modules
10V/10A charge controller
2 x maintenance free 12V/120-125Ah batteries
Battery box
Heavy duty metal support structure
All required installation material (cabling, nails and plugs)

Batteries are approved for airfreight

Cardboard box

Instruction for use:
Standard, heavy duty solar power system for permanent installations, providing direct or back-up power for typical applications like a complete radio room or a remote VHF repeater site.

Four panels are mounted electrically in parallel and secured to the aluminum support structure. Aluminum support must be properly grounded. Panels are installed on rooftop, or other suitable and secure location with direct view of the sun. Support structure elevation is adjusted for maximum (day-round) solar power. Heavy-duty cable is run from panels to the charge regulator (mounted on side of battery box). The two batteries are connected in parallel, and (internal in box) to the charge regulator. The panels should be cleaned (water/soft brush) at regular intervals to ensure maximum effect.

Precondition for utilisation:
Installation must be done by qualified technical staff. Incorrect installation may cause mechanical failure, electrical damage, poor performance and safety risks.

Emergency scenarios:
All emergency and security environments

Context in which item is mainly used:
Whenever solar power is required as an addition to the mains power, and/or when mains power is non-existent.

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