100 Wp Solar Power System,complete

Complete 100 watt solar power system for heavy duty applications.
Indicative Price 599.67 USD
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General Description:
Complete 100 watt solar power system for heavy duty

Suitable for powering heavy-duty applications such as HF voice station ,
VHF base station, etc. Combined with power inverter (DC to AC) the
system can also power AC applications.

Technical Specifications:
Two solar modules 50Wp. Maximum power: 100Wp;
Support structure type, designed for mounting of two x 50Wp Solar Module;
Power pack box: Ventilated battery box with cover and lock.
Battery : Sealed, maintenance-free 120Ah-125Ah /12
volt gel battery;

Installation material: 50m, 2 x 2,5mm² cable, with Mil. Special
connectors. 5m/1 x 4mm² cable for inter-module cabling. Plastic plugs (100 pcs.) type TCPO, for mounting of cable-clips in walls of concrete.
Cable-clips (100 pieces) type TC7 x 14. Plastic strips for wall mounting of cable;
Insulation tape;
Installation and maintenance manual.

Supplied with:
2 solar electric modules
Charge regulator
1 maintenance-free battery (120Ah-125Ah /12V)
Battery box
Support structure
All required installation material (cabling, nails and plugs)

Packaging and labelling:
Packed in a strong plywood crate specially designed for easy and safe packing and transport of the equipment.

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables:
If required, the following items should be ordered separately:
Spare batteries.

Shipping details:
Batteries are approved for airfreight. However, sea-freight recommended unless for emergency use.

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