Portable 10W/12V Solar Battery Charger

10 Watt/12 Volt portable solar panel
Indicative Price 191.45 USD
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General Description:
10 Watt/12 Volt portable solar panel. Rugged design. Suitable for charging of cellphones, satellite phones and other equipment powered by 12VDC. Suitable for emergency/field use.

Technical Specifications:
10 watt/12 Volt output with charging voltage limit (max) of 14.1 Volt. Rugged. Structure: 8 polycristalline silicon solar cells, encapsulated in EVAS between glass-fiber rear and rugged, clear fluoropolymer cover. Comes with Y-splitter plug with 2 cigar lighter outputs and battery connection kit.

Weight and Volume:
Estimated weight: 1kg
Estimated volume: 0.005m3

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