Toyota Rav4,4WD,2.5L hybrid,automatic

Toyota RAV4, 4x4, 5-seater, 2.5L Hybrid; Model: AXAH54L-ANXGB SFX: A1 (LHD/RHD), automatic transmission
Indicative Price 31,546.92 USD

Toyota RAV4 4WD 2.5 L Hybrid – CVT AUTO

General Specifications:
Hybrid engine, automatic, 5-seater, 5 doors, white color, left/right hand drive.

Factory Options included in price:
Air conditioning (non-CFC)
FCA Delivery Charge
Transit Safety Box

Comes with Toyota standard features

Optional Equipment:
as per TGS Fitted Accessories Price List

Weight and Volume:
Estimated Weight: 2,250 kg
Estimated Volume: 14.5 m3

Instructions for use:
For city transport. Requires access to reliable power source for regular charging of the battery.
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