Heavy duty pump for dewatering, capable of handling water with small
solids in suspension.
Indicative Price 3,512.99 USD
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General Description:
Heavy duty pump for dewatering, capable of handling water with small solids in suspension.

Technical Specifications:
Submersible dewatering pump capable of delivering 250 litres/minute at 15 meter head.

The pump is made of cast iron construction body and impeller with stainless steel rotating assembly and removable steel strainer. The outer faces of the pump are coated with a high thickness, corrosion resistant epoxy paint. Stainless steel could be used for the pump casing instead of the cast iron, while the base and impeller is of cast iron.

The impeller is an open type capable of handling 25 mm solids. The pump has a top outlet or otherwise is supplied with 90º elbow with a minimum outlet size of 75 mm. The pump is supplied with suitable fitting to adopt a hose of 75 mm diameter.

The submersible motor is of high efficiency, dry operating type and rated for continuous operation with overload protection; it functions using 230 V, 50 Hz, Triple phase, AC power supply.
Single phase motor option is also available. In case that option is required, it has to be clearly specified by the requesting office.

The pump is capable of constant operation at 50ºC ambient temperatures; it is supplied with thermal protection.
The pump is supplied with 20 meters electrical cable
The pump is approved by a recognized independent testing laboratory.

Packaging and labelling:
The pump is packed in a strong wooden box suitable for shipping.

Instructions for use:
The pump is suitable for draining ponds, pools and in excavations for various construction sites; it can handle small solids in suspension.
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