Pump centrifugal,diesel,30cbm/hr@20m TMH

Centrifugal pump, diesel driven, with a capacity of 30 m3/hr
at 20 m Total Manometric Head.
Indicative Price 4,964.00 USD
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General Description:
Centrifugal pump, diesel driven, with a capacity of 30 m3/hr at 20 m Total Manometric Head.

Technical Specifications:
Self-priming centrifugal pumping set, capacity 30 Cubic Metres per hour at around 2900 RPM, at 20 metre TMH (Total Manometric Head) for 1-m suction head.
Maximum suction lift 5 metres.

Available in two mounting options:
1/- Mounted on a trolley with 2 wheels and a handlebar,
2/- Mounted on a sturdy steel skid with carrying handles.
The skid has pre-drilled holes to facilitate bolting it to a foundation.

The pump is coupled directly to a diesel engine of matching power requirement.
The pump casing, shaft and impeller are made from cast iron, and the water seal on the shaft is mechanical.

The suction inlet and discharge outlet will be the most efficient standard diameters established by manufacturer depending on the pumping capacity of the pump.

When a specific pump is ordered the supplier will provide the most efficient diameter of inlet/outlet pipes/hoses with the pump (if other sizes and adapters have not been requested. I.e., if the field office requires a specific size of pipe or specific adapter this must be clearly specified when placing the order). The hoses are supplied with matching bayonet type couplings to match the pump inlet/outlets.
Bayonet couplings are preferably of Guillemin or Storz types.

An air-cooled, direct injection, diesel engine powers this pump. The engine is fitted with a speed control governor, a fuel tank with sufficient capacity for (2 - 3) hours of continuous normal operation. The engine is also fitted with a sound proof muffler and the liners are re-borable.

The engine is available in one of two choices of starting devices:

3/- recoil starter, or
4/- electric starter with 12 Volt battery and charging alternator.

Two choices of air filters are also available:
5/- a dry type, or
6/- oil bath type.

The pump set is supplied with following accessories:
1 x suction hose, semi-rigid, minimum 5 m.
1 x delivery hose, minimum 20 m.
1 x stainless steel strainer.
1 x non return valve.
1 x tool kit for installation, operation and maintenance.
1 x oil container, 4 litres, for diesel engine.
1 x spare parts kit for 2000 hours of normal operation, including various filters, seals and one injector.

Following must be clearly specified by Field/Country Office before ordering:
A/- Mounting: Skid or trolley mounted?
B/- Starter: The required means of starting: recoil or electric?
C/- Filter: Air filter requirement: dry or oil bath filter?
D/- Hose lengths: Field office must clearly specify the hose lengths required if other than those mentioned above (see also UNICEF Catalogue S0008028 and S0008029 for separate lay flat hose order).
E/- Special pipes/hoses: If the field office requires a specific size of pipe or specific adapter, this must be clearly specified when placing the order. (Field office should also specify if specific hose diameters are needed. Available in 50, 75, 100 or 150-mm diameter).

Packaging and labelling:
The pump is packed in a wooden box.

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables:
A spare part kit is included with the pumping set.

Estimated weight: 120 kg
Estimated volume: 1.0 m3

Instructions for use:
The pumping set is used for pumping surface water, maximum suction lift 5 metres (potentially up to 7 metres on request), from shallow wells, rivers, lakes.
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