Screen,bh,UPVC,125 ND,2.9m long

U-PVC screen pipe for boreholes, 125 mm nominal diameter,
2.9 metres long.
Indicative Price 31.47 USD
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General Description:
U-PVC screen pipe for boreholes, 125 mm nominal diameter 2.9 metres long

Technical Specifications:
U-PVC screen pipe, nominal diameter 125 mm, (0D 140 mm, ID 127 mm, WT 6.5 mm) for installation down to 120 metres, supplied in 2.90 m total length, flush joint (unless specifically specified bell socket by the field office), male/female trapezoidal threads, slot size 0.5 mm, 0.75 mm, or 1 mm - to be specified at time of ordering, as per DIN 4925/8061 or approved equivalent international standard.

Packaging and labelling:
The pipes are supplied in bulk, in ISO 20-foot container.

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables:
If required, these items should be ordered separately:
S0009129 - Sand trap pipe,bh,UPVC,125 ND,1m long
S0005810 - Centralizer, pipe, borehole(specify dia.)
S0009132 - Hoisting tool, bh pipes,125 ND
S0009135 - Clamp, bh casing and screen,125 ND
S0009163 - Plug, PVC,bottom, bh sand trap,125 ND

Estimated weight: 10.2 kg
Estimated volume: 36 m3

Shipping Details:
Packed in 20-foot ISO container loads, unless specified otherwise by field office at time of ordering.

Number of pipes per 20-foot ISO container:
Flush joint: 576, Bell socket: 540.

Note: If different pipe diameters are ordered, the smaller diameter pipes can be nested into the larger ones to make most cost effective use of the shipping container.

Instructions for use:
Screenings for boreholes

Flush joint pipes should be used wherever possible, as the smooth sides make placement of packing gravels easier and better distributed.
The outer diameter over the socket of bell socket pipes may hamper this operation. For information, the outer diameter over socket for 125 mm ND pipes is 147 mm.
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