Handpump,SDWP India MKII,Variant 3,CAR

Hand pump set, Standard Deep Well Pump (SDWP) - INDIA MARK II type, Package VARIANT No. 3 – preferred CAR version - with Telescopic Standard Stand, 40mm UPVC/SS Risers and SS Rods, for 30m cylinder installation depth.
Indicative Price 530.00 USD
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General Description:
Hand pump set, Standard Deep Well Pump (SDWP) - INDIA MARK II type, Package VARIANT No. 3 – having 40mm UPVC risers with SS couplings and SS rods.

Technical Specifications:
Complete Standard Deep Well Hand Pump set - SDWP (as specified by the Bureau of Indian Standards, IS:15500-2004), also known as INDIA MARK II hand pump (by SKAT specifications Rev.2 - 2007), and sometimes as IM II or Mark II, supplied with Head, Handle, Water Tank, Standard Stand, SDWP Cylinder, supplied with 30 metres of Riser Pipes and Connecting Rods.

This Package Variant 3 is a standard combination package as preferred in Central African Republic (CAR) with selection of:
- Standard TELESCOPIC Stand.
- Connecting Rods of Stainless Steel, 10.8 mm).
- Riser pipes of UPVC with SS Couplings.

While the pump type is for cylinder installation depths of 15 meters to 45 meters, generally suitable for pumping water up to 40 meters, this Package Variant no. 3 kit description covers for a cylinder installation depth up to 30 metres.

Supplied with:
1 x Head Assembly (with Handle assembly).
1 x Water Tank - Standard (as per IS:15500)
1 x Third Plate
1 x Telescopic Stand - Standard
1 x Cylinder assembly - Standard, with Brass liner, Gunmetal Plunger and check valve

10 x CONNECTING RODS, in 3-meter length (+10/-0mm),
from Stainless Steel, rod diameter of 10.8 mm, SS as per AISI 304 grade (IS:6603 Gr4 CrNi 18 10) with M12 rolled male thread at one end and M12 SS female threaded coupling welded at the other end. Supplied with corresponding centralizers and lock nuts (reference: UNICEF Material No. S0009156);

10 x RISER PIPES, in 3-meter length (tolerance +0/-25mm)
from uPVC, with Stainless Steel (SS) couplings, 40 mm NB/nominal diameter. Pipes are hermetically and firmly mounted with male threaded AISI 304 Stainless Steel (SS) ends, one end fitted with a female threaded SS coupling as per ISO 2853, the other end protected with a HDPE thread protector covering the entire length of the thread (reference: UNICEF Material No. S0009184). An upper connection nipple is included for connection of the set of riser pipes.

1 set Spare part kit** sufficient for 2 years of operation.
1 set Installation and Maintenance manual.

**) Spare part kit details see Catalogue No. S0009180.

Packaging and labelling:
The pumping set packaging depends on the shipment type.
At a minimum, as per Annex C: Clause 12.1 of Part 1 of IS 15500:2004, Recommended Packaging Procedure.

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables:
If required, the following items should be ordered separately:
- One set of spares for two years of operation is included in the kit. For additional ordering, and details, see UNICEF Catalogue No. S0009180.

- Standard Tools and Special Tools for installation and maintenance, separate ordering through UNICEF Catalogue Nos. S0009332 and S0009331 respectively.

- Fishing Tools and Platform Shuttering Set with Masonry Tool Set, separate ordering through UNICEF Catalogue No. S0009187.
- Fishing Tools (alone), separate ordering through UNICEF Catalogue No. S0009182

Shipping Details:

Sea shipment: Wooden crate packing, steel strapped bundles in HDPE sheets for the connecting rods and the riser pipes.

Air shipment: Corrugated cardboard, jute/plastic laminated sheets, steel strapped and marked, steel strapped bundles in HDPE sheets for the connecting rods and the riser pipes.

For quick sea delivery, it is essential that the minimum quantities to be ordered correspond to one fully loaded ISO 20-foot container.

Instructions for use:
The pumping set is used for pumping water from deep wells from 15 to 45 meter. This set is appropriate for 30 m installation depth, and can be adapted to other depths by reducing/increasing the number of riser pipes and pump rods.
For increasing the installation depth, please order separately both rods and risers (maximum 5 units of each per pump set):
-SS CONNECTING RODS, in 3-meter length (+10/-0mm),
reference: UNICEF Material No. S0009156; and
-UPVC RISER PIPES w/SS Couplings, in 3-meter length,
reference: UNICEF Material No. S0009184.


Corrosive Water:
This pump is recommended for corrosive water.

Stand Choice:
For installation on bore wells of up to 150 mm diameter, the Telescopic Stand - Standard should be used.
The Normal Stand - Standard is suited for wells in the range of 100 mm to 125 mm diameter casing pipe
(For 30 m installation depth and with Telescopic Stand also see SDWP Recommended Tel Package - Catalogue No. S0009178, or with Normal Stand also see SDWP Variant 1, Norm, package - Catalogue No. S0009179), both with GI riser pipes and rods.

Installation Tool Kits:
It is recommended that adequate sets of Standard Tools and Special Tools (Annex D, Clause 1.3 of Part 8, Table D1, IS 15500:2004) be ordered for installation and maintenance of this hand pump (separate ordering on UNICEF Catalogue Nos. S0009332 and S0009331 respectively).
Depending on the density of hand pumps in a given area, the installation and maintenance infrastructure and other local conditions, the number of the tool sets being ordered could vary between one set of each type of tools for every 50 pumps to 250 pumps.

Fishing Tools, Etc.:
Similarly, sets of fishing tools for retrieving dropped below-ground components could be ordered at the rate of one each of these items per 25 hand pumps, like platform shuttering set and masonry tool set could be ordered at the rate of one each of these items per 250 to 500 hand pumps, all depending on local conditions (separate ordering on UNICEF Catalogue Nos. S0009182 or S0009187 depending on kit content).
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