Handpump,VLOM,Riser Pipe,UPVC-SS-50mmND

Riser Pipe, UPVC with SS Couplings, 50mm ND, for VLOM-50 (India Mark
III-50) Hand pump. Supplied in 3 meters length each.
Indicative Price 51.00 USD
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General Description:
Riser Pipe, UPVC with SS Couplings, 50mm ND, for VLOM-50 (India Mark III-50) Hand pump. Supplied in 3 meters length each.

Technical Specifications:
U-PVC/SS Riser pipe 50mm NB for use with India Mark III hand-pumps, composed of one u-PVC pressure pipe securely integrated with nominal diameter 50mm (Rp 2") male threaded AISI 304L Stainless Steel (SS) ends.

This combined UPVC/SS riser pipe shall be able to replace full length Stainless Steel pipes for use in corrosive water to fit India Mark III/VLOM-50 deep well hand-pumps for installation depths up to 45 meters.

The pipe is manufactured from 100% virgin Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride resin, dark grey or blue colour, designed for a service life of at least 50 years at 20 degrees Celsius, in accordance with EN/ISO 1452-1/2:2009, certified non-toxic, suitable for drinking water, and exempt from CaCO3 and/or other strength weakening additives.
Pipe dimensions in accordance with ISO 4065:1996, tolerances, wall thickness, ovality, nominal pressure rating (PN), nominal outside pipe diameter (OD) etc. as per ISO 161-1:1996 and BS-EN/ISO 11922-1:1997, 3 meters length with three piece Stainless Steel, threaded coupling:
Each U-PVC pipe is fitted with a fully integrated seamless SS coupling system, either composed by 2 short, male threaded SS connection pipes, one each end, and a female threaded SS coupling; or alternatively by one short, male threaded SS connection pipe, one end, and one female threaded SS pipe at the other end, both pieces fully integrated with the PVC pipe.
This pipe Coupling System shall be dimensioned with nominal diameter 50 mm (Rp 2") as per ISO 2853:1993, all made from seamless Stainless Steel AISI 304L (1.4307). The nominal diameter is established in compliance with RWSN/SKAT specifications for VLOM-50 (India Mark III-50), Revision 2-2007.

To ensure full leakage proof, each joint shall be secured inside the assembly with a 5mm rubber ring (O-ring) made of EPDM rubber or equivalent appropriate material as per ISO 4633:2002 and BS-EN-681, shore hardness of 60+/-5 IRHD or better.

The complete riser pipe shall be certified for use with drinking water, i.e. exempt from toxic components, e.g. exempt from Lead etc. (as minimum to latest WHO Guidelines, NSF, EN standards, WRAS, or equivalent national standards).

All certifications shall be from third party, official (State, National) or internationally recognized and referenced laboratory.

Threaded ends shall be protected under storage, handling and transport. If coupling composed with a loose female threaded SS coupling, this will be supplied fitted on one of the male threaded ends, and the other male end (in any/either case) shall be protected with a HDPE thread protector covering the entire length of the thread. Female ends to be protected with a plastic cover.

Hydrostatic strength values for the U-PVC pipe at 20 and 60 degrees Celsius tested as per ISO 1167-1/2:2006 requirements. However, at coupling level, in order to ensure resistance against water hammer and other operational vibrations, the manufacturing process for the mounted riser pipe couplings shall as minimum allow the system to be able to withstand an internal pressure of not less than 130 bars without any leakage (i.e. with factor 2 to the pressure test requirement for integral sockets on pipes as per EN/ISO 1452-2:2009), and to comply with a traction test of not less than 3900 Kg without any breakage of material or mounting.

NB: As appropriate and if deemed required, a heavy duty structural steel Nipple (to ISO 630 or equivalent standard) for connection between the upper Riser Pipes Stainless Steel Coupling and the Handpump/Water Tank in appropriate dimensions, threading and material, with joint to reduce risk of galvanic corrosion, is supplied in a number of one nipple per 10 riser pipes.

Nominal diameter (ND): 50mm.
Length: 3 meters

Each riser pipe comes complete with
- 1 x Centralizer for riser pipe and
- 1 x Rod centralizer made of nitrile rubber or similar, ND50mm

Packaging and labelling:
As per Annex C: Clause 12.1 of Part 1 of IS 15500:2004,
Recommended Packaging Procedure.

Estimated weight: 10kg
Estimated volume: 3.5cdm

Instructions for use
The riser pipe is for use in corrosive water to fit India Mark III/VLOM-50 deep well hand-pumps. This type of riser pipe is for use in lieu of full length Stainless Steel pipes for installation depths not exceeding 45 meters.
For greater depths, full length stainless steel riser pipes should be used.

This riser main is for use as spare part, or as extension tube, with VLOM-50 (India Mark III-50) (as per specifications from Bureau of Indian Standards, IS: 15500-2004 and SKAT specifications Rev.2 - 2007).

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