Handpump,SDWP,INDIA MK II,Major pts list

Major Sub-Assemblies and Parts for SDWP Hand Pump (India Mark II type)
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General Description
Major spare parts like Sub-Assemblies and Parts for SDWP Hand Pump (India Mark II type)

Technical Specifications
Different Components and Sub-Assemblies for repair and maintenance of SDWP hand pump type (as specified by the Bureau of Indian Standards, IS:15500-2004), also known as INDIA MARK II hand pump type (by SKAT specifications Rev.2 - 2007), and sometimes as IM II or Mark II hand pump types.

The below listed parts and assemblies relates to UNICEF Catalogue No. S0009178 and related Variant Packages for Deep Well Hand Pump type SDWP (also called India Mark II).

This list of assemblies and parts do not constitute one complete set, but each item can be ordered individually or customized together with one or more of the items indicated on the list:


Item no. - Qty x Description - Dimensions

1.11 x Head assembly, complete with handle assembly
1.21 x Water tank assembly, complete
1.31 x Cylinder assembly, complete with plunger assembly & Check valve assembly
1.41 x Follower, machined, diameter 60x52.5
1.51 x Spacer, machined, diameter 60x29
1.61 x Third plate
1.71 x Stand assembly, complete, Standard
1.81 x Stand assembly, complete, Telescopic
1.91 x Plunger assembly, Complete, - without SS Plunger Rod

(as per the Bureau of Indian Standards, IS:15500-2004 and latest amendments, and SKAT specifications Rev.2 - 2007).

Packaging and labelling
As per Annex C: Clause 12.1 of Part 1 of IS 15500:2004,
Recommended Packaging Procedure.

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