Handpump,SDWP,India MKII, --Rods, Risers

MS Connecting Rods and GI Riser Mains for SDWP Hand pump, INDIA MARK II type. Extension SET of 3 meters length each.
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General Description:
MS Rods and GI Riser Mains for SDWP Hand pump, INDIA MARK II type, additional numbers of 3 meters length each.

Technical Specifications:
SET of additional Riser Mains and Connecting Rods for use as spare parts or extension sets with Standard deep well hand-pump, SWDP (India Mark II) (as per specifications from Bureau of Indian Standards, IS: 15500-2004).

The number of extension riser mains and connecting rods to be supplied must be specified by the field office at time of ordering the hand pump set, or when else required.

For total installation depth ranges up to 45m depth.

One standard set consists of one Rod with one Riser pipe, as follows :

1-A) Connecting rods, mild steel, electro-galvanized, 12mm diameter, 3m long, with M12 threaded ends and couplers.

1-B) Riser pipe, MS-ERW (Mild Steel Electric Resistance Welded), diameter 1 ¼ " (32mm ND), hot dipped galvanized, male threaded both ends, one end equipped with heavy duty coupling, 3m long.

(As per the Bureau of Indian Standards, IS:15500-2004 and latest amendments, and SKAT specifications Rev.2 - 2007)

As standard, Rods and Risers are supplied in one set composed of one each of both parts.
However, if required, Rods or Risers can alternatively be supplied as SINGLE parts of either one rod or one riser
S0009174 Handpump,SDWP,INDIA MKII, GI-Riser 32mmND
S0009140 Handpump,SDWP,INDIA MKII, MS-ROD 12mm

Packaging and labelling:
As per Annex C: Clause 12.1 of Part 1 of IS 15500:2004,
Recommended Packaging Procedure.

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