Miscellaneous Spare parts for SDWP/EDWP, INDIA Mark II, IM II Hand
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General Description
Miscellaneous Spare parts for SDWP/EDWP, INDIA Mark II, IM II Hand Pumps

Technical Specifications
Hand pump spare parts relating to Deep Well and Extra Deep Well Hand Pumps, types SDWP and EDWP (also called India Mark II) as per Bureau of Indian Standards IS:15500-2004 and SKAT International Specifications Rev.2-2007.

This is a list of 22 miscellaneous assemblies, sets and single spare parts.

These major hand pump spare parts can be ordered as one complete set, or customized individually as separate items. Any order must clearly detail the specific assembly, part etc. at the time of ordering.

The list of miscellaneous spare parts for SDWP/EDWP India Mark II hand pumps is consisting of the following (Item numbering is discontinuous):

Item no. - Description
1- Handle axle assembly with 2-nut and 1-washer
2- Chain bolts and nyloc nut (hex M10 x 1.50x40mm, high tensile)
3- Chain with coupling
4- Bolt for front cover M12 x 1.75x20mm
5- Cylinder Assembly Complete - (Note: See Material S0009183 (item 1.3) for Cylinder Assembly including Plunger & Check Valve Assemblies)
6- Handle assembly with bearing
7- Handle axle bearing with (2 nuts and 1 washer)
8- Hexagonal bolt, nuts & washer, M12x40mm,
with 2 hexagonal nuts M12x1.75 and 4mm thick
9- Plunger Yoke body
10- Pump bucket, nitrite rubber
11- Socket for rising main 32mm
12- Rubber seating big (for check valve)
13- Rubber seating for upper valve (small)
14- Nitrile rubber sealing ring (for cylinder)
15- Upper valve assembly
16- Check valve assembly (lower valve)
18- Pedestal assembly
19- Rubber seat retainer
20- Inspection cover
21- Plunger rod (for cylinder)
22- Rubber seat retainer
25- Connecting Rods Sockets
27- Indian M II Handle bearing
28- Head Bolt

Following earlier figuring items are no more included under this Material number S0009186:

17- Water tank assembly
- See/order Material number S0009183, item 1.2
22- Rubber seat retainer:
-Item deleted, since same as item 19

23- Pump Head Assembly:
- See/order Material number S0009183, item 1.1
24- Stand Assembly:
- See/order Material number S0009183, item 1.7 or item 1.8
26- Standard spare part kit
- Use Material number S0009180 or S0009318 instead.
28- Head Bolt:
-Item deleted, since same as item 4

29- Plate form and shattering for MKII HP:
- Use Material number S0009187 instead.

Packaging and Labelling
As per Annex C, Clause 12.1 of Part 1 of IS 15500:2004, Recommended Packaging Procedures, for sea or air shipment.

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