Handpump,VERGNET,(HYDRO-INDIA),40m well

Hand pump, VERGNET HYDRO type Hydro-India, for 40 metres installation depth.
Indicative Price 2,708.56 USD
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General Description
Hand pump, VERGNET HYDRO type Hydro-India, for 40 metres installation depth.

Technical Specifications
Complete Vergnet hydro-pump, type Hydro-India 10-60 metres, but supplied with 40 metres each of complete pressure and riser mains pipes.

Supplied with
1 x modified India type pump head
1 x base plate with sealing pins
1 x command cylinder, stainless steel
1 x command hose (32/23mm dia. HDPE transmission pipe)
1 x lower pumping element, stainless steel
1 x delivery hose (32/26mm dia. HDPE discharge pipe)
1 x set of clips
1 x installation manual
1 x maintenance manual
1 x tool kit (Vergnet ref. 2380 - Level 1)

When ordering this pump, the borehole external casing diameter must be specified to enable the supplier to determine the appropriate pedestal size.

Packaging and labelling
The pumping unit is packed in wooden box or into a container if a considerable quantity is ordered and when else appropriate.
Containerization (Set quantity depending on riser length/installation depth): Quantity 80 complete pump sets per 20-foot ISO shipping container.

Weight and Volume
Estimated Weight: 65kg
Estimated Volume: 0.5m3

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables
When ordering any pump, one maintenance tool kit (level 1) is included with the pump.
It is recommended that one installation and one standard tool kit (level 2) be ordered for every 15 pumps. The Field Office is to specify the number when placing orders.

If required, the following items should be ordered separately:

1 x installation and maintenance kit "level 2" (Vergnet ref. 1074 and 2388), please use UNICEF Catalogue No. S0009204

1 x spare parts kit for 2 years operation, please use UNICEF Catalogue No. S0009203.

Instructions for use
While this kit is supplied with equipment for a 40 metres installation depth, this pump type can be used for pumping water from wells 10-60 metres deep.

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For different riser length specifications, please order with Catalogue Numbers S0009201 (HYDRO-INDIA, 55m installation depth) and S0009202 (HYDRO-INDIA, 20 installation depth).
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