Handpump,VLOM-65,MKIII,Spare Parts

Open top Hand Pump, VLOM-65, (INDIA MARK III-65 (SKAT) - IM III - Mark
III type), Variant number 4 package
Indicative Price 9.60 USD

General Description
Fast moving Spare Parts Kit for INDIA MARK III-65 / VLOM 65

Technical Specifications
Adequate set of Fast Moving Spare parts for maintenance of VLOM-65 (India Mark III-65) hand pumps.
As per Bureau of Indian Standards 15500:2004, and RWSN-SKAT Revision 2 - 2007

SPARE PARTS KIT (kit composed of following):
4 x Pump bucket
4 x "O" ring seat for check valve
1 x Upper Valve
1 x Check Valve
3 x Rubber Seating UV
3 x Rubber Seating LV
4 x Hex bolt M12 x 40
2 x Hex bolt M12 x 20
8 x Hex nut M12
1 x Hex nut M6, S/S
2 x Washer 6H of IS 13056
1 set x HT bolt M10 x 40 with nyloc nut
200 gms x Multipurpose grease

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