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Standard Spare Parts Kit for Maintenance of EDWP (India Mk-II EDW) Hand
Indicative Price 9.00 USD

General Description:
Standard Spare Parts Kit for Maintenance of EDWP (India Mk-II) Hand Pumps

Technical Specifications:
Standard spare parts kit for maintenance and repair of EDWP / India MARK II hand pumps
[EDWP = Extra Deep Well Pump]

Adequate set of fast moving Spare parts for maintenance of EDWP (India Mark II) hand pumps, as per Bureau of Indian Standards 15500:2004, and RWSN-SKAT Revision 2 - 2007.

Qty: - Description: - Part (Drawing Ref.) No.:
a- Hex bolt M12 x 1.75 x 40mm long - 8 No.
b- Hex nut M12 x 1.75 - 18 No.
c- High Tensile bolt M10 x 1.5 x 40mm long - 1 No.
d- Nyloc nut M10 x 1.5mm - 2 No.
e- Handle axle (s/s) - 1 No.
f- Washer 4mm thick for handle axle - 1 No.
g- Bearing No. 6204Z - 2 No.
h- Spacer - 1 No.
i- Chain with coupling - 1 No.
j- Bolt for front cover M12 x 1.75 x 20mm long - 1 No.
k- Nitrile cup washers - 4 No.
l- Nitrile sealing rings - 6 No.
m- Rubber seating, big - 2 No.
n- Rubber seating, small - 2 No.
o- Hex coupling M12 x 1.75 x 50 - 2 No.
p- Pipe sockets for 32mm NB pipe - 4 No.

This standard spare parts kit is essentially of the same content as the spare parts kit included/supplied with the corresponding EWDP Hand Pump Packages s0009315, s0009316 and S0009317.
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