Set of special tools for installation and maintenance of SDWP & EDWP
(India Mark II) hand pumps (BIS 15500(Part8, Annex D (D-1
Indicative Price 130.00 USD
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General Description
Set of special tools for installation and maintenance of SDWP & EDWP (India Mark II) hand pumps (to Bureau of Indian Standards 15500(Part8):2004, Annex D (D-1)).

Technical Specifications
Set of SPECIAL tools for India Mark II for Installation and Maintenance of Standard Deep Well Hand Pumps (SDWP) and Extra Deep Well Hand Pumps (EDWP), also called IM II, India Mark II, and Mark II hand pumps - as per Bureau of Indian Standards (IS) 15500:2004:Part 8 (and Clause 1.3 of Part 8: Annex D, Table D-1), and as per RWSN-SKAT Revision 2-2007 - as detailed below:

Item No. - Item Set Description - Quantity per set
(IS figure reference)

i) Connecting rod vice (clamp) (Ref. 8.1.1)- 1 ea
ii) Axle punch (Ref. 8.1.4)- 1 ea
iii) Chain coupler supporting tool (Ref. 8.1.5)- 1 ea
iv) Crank spanner (Ref. 8.1.6)- 2 ea
v) Connecting rod lifter (Ref. 8.1.7/8.1.8)- 1 ea
vi) Bearing pressing tool (Ref. 8.1.9)- 1 ea
vii) Rod coupler spanner (Ref. 8.1.10)- 2 ea
viii) Water tank lifter for 32mm NB pipe (Ref. 8.2.1)- 1 ea
ix) Pipe lifting spanner for 32mm NB pipe (Ref. 8.2.2)- 3 ea
x) Heavy duty clamp (Ref. 8.2.3) for 32mm NB pipe,
or self-locking clamp (Ref. 8.2.6)- 1 ea
xi) Tool box for above w/locking arrangement (except viii,ix,x) - 1 ea

[SDWP = Standard Deep Well Pump]
[EDWP = Extra Deep Well Pump]

Packaging and Labelling
As per Annex C, Clause 12.1 of Part 1 of IS 15500:2004, Recommended Packaging Procedures

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