Drum,sterilizing,165mm diam

Drum, sterilizing, 165 mm diameter.
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General Description:
Drum, sterilizing, 165mm diameter.

Technical Specifications:
Cylindrical container used to sterilise dressing materials (gauze compress or cotton etc.) in a steam sterilizer (autoclave), and to keep them as "sterile" dressing materials for medical activities (i.e dressing, injection etc)

Drum should have an effective closing lid with a clip lock, a carrying handle, air vents system to allow steam to circulate freely during the sterilisation cycle.
Vents to be manually closed after sterilisation.
Air vent system (opening and closure mechanism) must be efficient and easy to operate.
Lateral air vents system is preferable to top and bottom air vents.

Material: Austenitic stainless steel, smooth surface.
Austenitic stainless steel composition: approx. 8 to 10% nickel, 18 to 20% chromium.
External diameter: approximately 150 to 165mm.
Height: approximately 100 to 120mm.
Thickness: approximately 0.6 to 0.7mm.

Packaging and labelling:
Primary packaging: Unit of use
One (1) drum in a plastic bag + box with manufacturer's instruction for use (when applicable).

Labelling on the primary packaging:
Name and/or trademark of the manufacturer.
Manufacturer's product reference.
Type of product and main characteristics.
If the packaging is not transparent, it must bear a diagram (preferably actual size) showing the essential parts of the product and indicating the position of the product in the packaging.
Lot number prefixed by the word "LOT"(or equivalent harmonised symbol) (if applicable).
Information for particular storage conditions(temperature, pressure, light, humidity, etc.), as appropriate (or equivalent harmonised symbol).
Information for handling, if applicable(or equivalent harmonised symbol).

Over packaging: Packaging unit
Labelling on the packaging unit:
Labelling to be the same as primary packaging.
Extra information required:
Number of units.

Estimated weight: 0.65kg
Estimated volume: 2.8cdm

Instructions for use:
Cylindrical container used to sterilise dressing materials (gauze compress or cotton etc.)in a steam sterilizer (autoclave), and to keep them as "sterile" dressing materials for medical activities(i.e: dressing, injection etc.).
Open air vents system for sterilisation process.
When the sterilisation cycle is completed, close air vents system immediately when the drum is removed from the autoclave.

Do not stuff the drum full with compress or cotton, as the pressurised steam will not be able to penetrate into the centre and therefore not sterilise.
The size has been chosen as being the most commonly used for the purpose of use.
The sizes have been chosen taking into consideration different types of steam sterilizers (capacity and internal dimensions), in which this container will be used, to optimize sterilisation activities.

List of UNICEF standard steam sterilizers:
S0154000 - Sterilizer, steam, electric, 14L.
S0157000 - Sterilizer, steam, 24L.
S0156000 - Sterilizer, steam, 39L.

List of other UNICEF standard sterilizing drums:
S0107700 - Drum, sterilizing, 260mm diameter
S0108000 - Drum, sterilizing, 290mm diameter
S0109000 - Drum, sterilizing, 340mm diameter

Safety process:
Check the drum (empty) before sterilisation process:
This item must be cleaned and disinfected.
Make sure that the lid and air vents system close correctly.
Never use chlorinated products on stainless steel as there is a risk of oxidation.

Check the drum (full) after sterilization cycle:
Make sure that the lid and air vents system have been closed correctly.
The date of the sterilisation must be written on the drum (use a sticker).
The material (sterile) can be kept in the drum for up to one month, provided the drum is kept closed and in a good condition of storage(i.e protected from dust, humidity, etc)
It is recommended to stock sterile goods in a special room and / or cabinet and to have one person in charge.

Component of a kit:
S9908200 - Sterilization,kit C.
S9906621 - IEHK2006,kit,basic unit
S9906626 - IEHK2006,kit,suppl.2-equipment
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