Single burner kerosene stove for use with steam sterilizers.
Indicative Price 30.88 USD
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General Description:
Stove, kerosene, single-burner, pressure
Kerosene stove designed to provide safe and sufficient heat for medical sterilization applications.

Technical specifications:
Comprises of a fuel tank, vapour burner and pot holder
Single burner with top plate
Diameter flame holder: 5-7 cm
Hand-operated plunger pump allows pressurisation of fuel tank and control of flame intensity
Pressure, max: 1.3 bar
Fit with overpressure safety valve
Capacity kerosene fuel tank: 1.2 to 2.5 L
Fuel consumption: 0.4-0.6 L/h
Height: 20-29 cm
Material: Heat and rustproof, steel or brass

Items supplied with:
10x Cleaning needle
1 x Nipple key
1 x Plastic funnel with filter
1 x Spanner for burner
2 x Spare nipple
2 x Spare packing for burner
2 x Spare leather cup for pump

Must be supplied with clear instructions for use / diagrams for assembly in 3 languages (English, French and Spanish) and list of accessories / parts.

Packaging and labeling:
Primary packaging: Unit of use
One (1) kerosene stove in a plastic bag + box with manufacturer's instruction for use, spare parts and
Labelling on the primary packaging:
Name and/or trademark of the manufacturer.
Manufacturer's product reference.
Type of product and main characteristics.
If the packaging is not transparent, it must bear a diagram (preferably actual size) showing the
essential parts of the product and indicating the position of the product in the packaging.
Lot number prefixed by the word "LOT" (or equivalent harmonised symbol) (if applicable).
Information for particular storage conditions (temperature, pressure, light, humidity, etc.), as
appropriate (or equivalent harmonised symbol).
Information for handling, if applicable (or equivalent harmonized symbol).

Over packaging: Packaging unit

Weigh and volume:
Estimated weight: 2.855Kg
Estimated volume: 28.196CDM
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