Surgical (Laparotomy) pads, sterile, pack of 5. 30cmx30cm.
Indicative Price 1.35 USD

General description:
Surgical (Laparotomy) Pads, sterile, disposable pack of 5

Technical specifications:
Surgical (Laparotomy) pads, sterile, disposable pack of 5
Made from 100% Cotton
White in colour with blue loop
Edges folded and sewed
With x-ray detectable thread/chip
Main yarn and mesh: 13threads 19x15mesh
8 Ply
Highly absorbent fabric, Non-toxic

Thread count:
Warp 69 – 77/dm
Weft 53 – 61 /dm
Length: 30cm
Width: 30cm
Sterile: Initial sterilization with Ethylene Oxide

Packaging and labelling:
Primary packaging: Unit of use.
Five (5) pcs in an individual sterilised pack.

Secondary packaging:

Shelf life:
3 years

Storage instructions:
Store indoor, dry and clean condition, away from direct sunlight and extreme heat.

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