Register,A4,squared,80 pgs/PAC-10

Size A4 register of 40 sheets squared paper, in cyan blue printed with UNICEF logo in white on front and back; plastic wrapped in packs of 10 each
Indicative Price 2.71 USD
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General Description:
Register, A4, squared, 80 pages, pack of 10

Technical Specifications:
Register, A4 size (210 x 297mm), white wood-free paper of 70gsm suitable for both pen and pencil, 40 sheets/80 pages. Pages printed with 5mm blue grey squares with no margin.
Cover: Glossy finish, 270gsm offset paper.
Finishing: Saddle stitch (stainless steel) along the 297 mm and trim to size.
Printing: One color Cyan blue and water based glossy varnish recto only cover and down the free side of the back cover, in white.

Packaging & Labelling:
Plastic wrapped, packs of 10 each

Weight and Volume:
Estimated weight: 3kg
Estimated volume: 3.8cdm

Instructions for use:
For office and classroom use; also suitable for use by medical personnel
(patient register etc.)

Component of a kit:
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