Bar of toilet soap, approximately 100g; 1 bar individually wrapped;
packed in boxes of 36 soap bars each
Indicative Price 0.36 USD
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General Description:
Soap bar suitable for all skin types even the most dry and sensitive, wrapped, 100g

Technical Specifications:
Hand soap for personal hygiene, suitable for all skin types even the most dry and sensitive.
Weight: 100 g
Enriched with natural humectants and natural moisturizing ingredients.
100% biodegradable

The toilet soap is firm and of uniform texture and colour. It does not cause skin irritation and has good lathering and cleansing properties.
All ingredients used in the product are non-injurious to health. The soap is biodegradable and perfume-free. It is also free from animal fat. In case palm oil is used in the composition, it comes from a certified well-managed sustainable source.
Total fatty matter content is minimum 75%.

The toilet soap is provided free of expiry date.

Packaging and labelling:
One (1) bar of toilet soap, individually wrapped in a biodegradable package.
The soap is packed in boxes of 60 units (carton box).
The packs are securely loaded for Export on EUR size pallet: (1200 mm)(L) x 800 mm (W) x max.1050 mm (H incl. pallet).

Estimated weight: 0.100 kg
Estimated volume: 0.196 cdm

Instructions for use:
For personal hygiene
General: Washing hands after each toilet visit and before consuming food is extremely important

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