Scalpel blade,ster,disp,no.22

Scalpel blade, sterile, disposable, no. 22.
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General Description:
Scalpel blade, sterile, disposable, no. 22.

Technical Specifications:
See Martin Catalogue no. 24, Ref.: 10 155 22, page 14.
Surgical blade for use with standard scalpel handle no.4.

Hardness: 50 HRC to 58 HRC.
Material: Martensitic steel (quenched, magnetic steel).
Martensitic steel: 0.40% carbon; 14% chromium.
Initial sterilisation method: Ethylene oxide gas.

Packaging and labelling:
Primary packaging: Unit of use.
One (1) scalpel blade in an individual sterilised peel pack.

Labelling on the primary packaging:
Name and/or trademark of the manufacturer.
Manufacturer's product reference.
Type of product and main characteristics.
If the packaging is not transparent, it must bear a diagram (preferably actual size) showing the essential parts of the product and indicating the position of the product in the packaging.
The word "sterile" (or equivalent harmonised symbol).
Sterilisation method (or equivalent harmonised symbol).
Lot number prefixed by the word "LOT"(or equivalent harmonised symbol).
Expiry date by year and month, prefixed by the word "EXP"(or equivalent harmonised symbol).
The words "for single use" (or equivalent harmonised symbol).
The words "check the integrity of the individual sterilised pack before use"(if space allows).
The words "destroy after use" (if space allows).

Secondary packaging: Protected unit.
One (1) box of 100 scalpel blades.

Labelling on the secondary packaging:
Labelling to be the same as primary packaging.
Extra information required:
Number of units per secondary packaging.
Information for particular storage conditions(temperature, pressure, light, humidity, etc.), as appropriate (or equivalent harmonised symbol).
Information for handling, if applicable(or equivalent harmonised symbol).
Manufacturer's instruction for use.
Alternatively, the instruction for use can be indicated on a separate insert.

Over packaging: Packaging unit.

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables:
If required, the following item should be ordered separately:
S0745500 - Scalpel handle, no. 4.

Estimated weight: 0.002kg
Estimated volume: 0.002cdm

Instructions for use:
Basic cutting instrument for surgical incisions.
To be used with: S0745500 Scalpel handle, no. 4.

Conditions for stock:
Avoid storage at extreme temperatures and humidity levels.
Check the integrity of each unit before use.
Single use material, supplied in sterile packaging, may only be used ifpackaging is undamaged.

Safety process:
The scalpel blade is for single use only.
Use aseptic techniques.
Protection of users:
Wear gloves, always apply and remove the blade from the scalpel handlewith forceps.
Put the used blades into a sealed container to prevent injuries.
Collect and destroy the sealed containers by incineration in acontrolled environment.

Component of a kit:
S9975020 - First aid kit A.
S9902219 - Midwifery kit,3-renewable.
S9908302 - Obstetric, surgical kit,suppl.3-renewable.
S9906627 - IEHK2006,kit,suppl.3-renewable
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