Faceshield, fog-resistant, full face-length, reusable
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General Description:
Durable, transparent, fog-resistant, full face length safety shield. Encloses a wide area of the face, ear-to-ear and forehead to chin. Can be worn with glasses or goggles. Reusable.

Intended use:
To provide full face cover, to protect healthcare workers from body fluid and chemical splashes.

Technical specifications:
Material, shield part: clear polycarbonate, thickness 0.37 mm
Size shield: from headband down approx: 22 x 35 cm (w x h)
Adjustable silicone length headband, integrated with the shield
Width headband: 2 cm
Front part of the headband is foam padded (length 35.5 cm)
Shield is anti-fog treated/coated
Outside is coated to prevent glare from reflection
Fits over glasses or goggles
Shelf life: 7 years

Environmental conditions:
Store at 21°C in its original packaging, 50% RH and out of direct sunlight.

Packaging and labelling:
Primary packaging: Unit of use.
Individually packed in a transparent plastic bag

Secondary packaging:
20 units per carton

Quality Management System:
ISO 9001: 2015: Quality management systems

Compliance to safety & product performance standards:
EN 166:2002 - Personal Eye Protection - part 6.1 (General Construction), 6.2 (Materials),
6.3 (Headbands), 7.1.1 (Field of Vision), (Refraction), (Transmittance), (Diffusion), 7.1.3 (Quality of Material and Surface), (Increased Robustness), (Thermal Stability), (UV Resistance), 7.1.7 (Resistance to Ignition),
7.2.4 (Droplets and Splashes), and 7.3.2 (Resistance to Fogging)
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