Body bag,infection control,child

Body bag, padded, infection control, child
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General Description:
Body bag, padded, infection control, child size

Intended use:
Body bag including absorbent pad used for packing and transporting contagious human corpses before burrial services. To be used for highly contagious diseases (e.g. Ebola haemorrhagic fever, cholera).

Technical Specifications:
Body bag: with absorbent pad prefixed inside of the body bag and padded carry handles for handling and transportation of the corpse
Tear proof and puncture resistant
100% leak proof seams, entirely heat-sealed, width minimum of 5 mm
Thickness: 300 to 400 microns (um)
Color: white
Carry capacity: min. 90 kg
Body bag dimensions (with prefixed absorbent pad inside):
Unfolded: min. 150 x 80 cm (l x w) (± 10%)
Body bag material:
Special linear reinforced material
Minimum: 2 ply
Chloride and carbon free
Non-porous and non-degradable
Buried in soil, the body bag will remain solid over a period of minimum 5 years
Integrated transparent label pouch 10 x 15 cm (l x w) for placement of identification tag
Body bag is single use, disposable
Carry handles:
Minimum of 4 padded carry handles. Non splintering.
Reinforced and integrated into the bag material
High quality black or white zipper, smooth running with teeth made of nylon
Zipper is sewed into the body bag fabric with double stitch
Full length U shaped. With 25 cm return allowing to show the face of the decease person
Double runner
Large plastic or sturdy cloth loops, on each of the zipper runners
Stop for the zipper is reinforced into the body bag and heat-sealed

Absorbent pad: for body bags to absorb fluids. Integrated and prefixed inside of the body bag with water resistant double sidedtape
Absorption capacity: minimum 5 liters
Resistant to 0.5% chlorine solution
Size: min. 130 x 60 cm (l x w) (± 15%)
Two layers of padding
Absorbent pad material:
Thick cotton lining on polyethylene base
Chloride free

Conforms to:
(a) OSHA regulation 3130 for Universal Precautions involvingcontainment of body fluids and protection from blood borne pathogens or
(b) Equivalent applicable product or other performance standard(s).

Shelf life:
Shelf life in normal storage conditions (protected from humidity ,sunlight, high temperatures and dust): minimum 5 years.

Supplied with:
Manufacturer's instruction for use

Wherever possible, follow local customs regarding funeral rites.
Information concerning the corpses should be written on the body bags with permanent markers. The head of the deceased should be positioned on the side of the zipper's return in order to show the face without having to open the whole body-bag.

Packaging and labelling:
Individually packed, supplied folded in a transparent plastic bag with label indicating product short description and size.
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