Ferrous sulp.oral sol. 125mg/ml/BOT-30ml

Ferrous Sulphate Oral Solution 125mg/ml equivalent to 25mg of elemental iron per ml, 30 ml dropper bottle.
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General Description:
Ferrous Sulphate Oral Solution 125mg/ml (eq. to 25 mg elemental iron/ml) in a bottle of 30 ml.

Technical specifications:
Ferrous Sulphate Oral Solution 125mg/ml equivalent to 25mg of elemental iron per ml, 30 ml dropper bottle.

Therapeutic Class

Prevention and treatment of iron deficiency and anaemia in infants and children. Target age group 6-23 months.

Guideline for Use:
Guideline: Daily iron supplementation in infants and children. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2016
http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/1 0665/204712/1/9789241549523_eng.pdf?ua=1&ua=1

Guidelines for the Use of Iron Supplements to Prevent and Treat Iron Deficiency Anemia; 1998
https://www.who.int/nutrition/p ublications/micronutrients/guidelines_for_Iron_supplementation.pdf?ua=1

Enteral iron supplementation in preterm and low birth weight infants

Dispensing Instructions
Dispense in original container. Do not repack or decant.

Packaging and labelling:
As per UNICEF Technical requirements for pharmaceutical products:
https:/ /www.unicef.org/supply/media/1246/file/Technical%20requirements%20for%20 pharmaceutical%20and%20nutrition%20products.pdf
A Patient Information Leaflet is provided with each bottle

Do not store above 30 degrees C
Keep out of reach and sight of children
Protect from light

Items supplied with:
Leaflet and dropper for dose dispensing

Shelf life:
24 months minimum

Storage and transportation:
Do not store or transport above 30 degrees

Material safety data sheet information (MSDS):

Component of a Kit:
S9935090 Syria Paediatric Kit, 2019

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