Pyridoxine 25mg tabs/PAC-100

Pyridoxine (hydrochloride) 25mg tablets, bottle of 100 tablets.
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General Description:
Pyridoxine 25mg tabs/PAC-100

Technical specifications:
Pyridoxine (hydrochloride) 25mg tablets, bottle of 100 tablets.

Guidelines for use:
Pyridoxine is recommended in HIV patients on isoniazid as it is a benign intervention which prevents peripheral neuropathy and other isoniazid toxicities.
The dosing of pyridoxine when administered with isoniazid preventive therapy for HIV-infected individuals is 25 - 50mg daily:
For general information on uses, contra-indications, precautions, dose, and adverse effects of this product, please refer to the WHO Model Formulary:

Shelf life:
36 months

Packaging and labeling:
100 tablets packed in a tightly closed, nonmetallic container, protected from light.

Weight and volume
Estimated weight in (KG) 0.024kg
Estimated volume in (CDM) 0.111cdm
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