ORS low osm. flavour 20.5g/1L CAR/100

Oral Rehydration Salt Low Osmolarity, Orange Flavour sachet for 1litre, carton of 100 sachets
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General description:
Oral Rehydration Salt powder for dilution in 1,000 ml (1.0 litre) of purified/boiled and cooled water, orange flavoured, in a sachet, carton of 100 sachets, including patient information leaflet/directions for use.

Technical specifications:
Each sachet contains approximately 20.5 g of powder for preparation of a
solution for oral use:
Anhydrous glucose13.5 g
Sodium chloride2.6 g
Trisodium citrate, dihydrate2.9 g
Potassium chloride1.5 g
Orange FlavourX g
ColourX g
Suitable flow agent may be used as an excipient.

Electrolyte content of prepared solution:
Sodium75 mmol/l ± 10 %
Chloride65 mmol/l ± 10 %
Citrate10 mmol/l ± 10 %
Potassium20 mmol/l ± 10 %
Glucose content of prepared solution:
Glucose75 mmol/l ± 10 %

Osmolarity of prepared solution: 245 mOsm/l

Therapeutic class:
Electrolytes for oral rehydration.
ATC code: A 07 CA

Dosage, Instructions for use:
Please refer to the guideline
WHOModelFormulary 2008:

Shelf life:
24 months

Storage conditions:
Do not store above 30 C.
**Once prepared, the solution must be used within 24 hours. **

Component of a KIT: No

Alternative products:
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