Salbutamol oral inh. 0.1mg/ds 200ds

Salbutamol oral inhaler 0.05mg per dose, aerosol of 200 doses.
Indicative Price 1.36 USD

General Description:
Salbutamol 0.1mg/dose oral inhalation, aerosol of 200 doses
Metered Dosed Inhalator (CFC free).
Supplied in a metal container fitted with an appropriate metering valve that forms an integral part of the container.

Guidelines for use:
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Component of a kit:
S9902220 - Midwifery kit, supplementary 1a - drugs.
S9908303 - Obstetric, surgical kit, suppl. 1a - drugs.
S9901006 - IEHK2011,suppl.kit 1 medicines

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