Retinol 200,000IU soft gel.caps/PAC-500

Vitamin A (Retinol) 200,000 IU (as Palmitate) opaque red soft gel capsules.
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General Description:
Vitamin A (Retinol), Soft Gelatin Capsule 200,000 IU bottle of 500 capsules

Technical Specifications:
Retinol 200,000 IU (as Palmitate) opaque red soft gel capsules.

For general information on uses, contra-indications, precautions, dose, and adverse effects of this product, please refer to the WHO Model Formulary:
http:/ /www.who.int/selection_medicines/list/WMF2008.pdf

Transport and storage:
Shelf life: 2 years if stored under stable conditions
Storage: capsules from opened packs should be stored away from direct sunlight

Instruction for use:
Warning: Not to be administered to pregnant women.
For children 12-59 months old. Should be administered every 4-6 months.
Give only once during one of the two rounds of a National Immunization Days campaign (usually in the 2nd round after health workers have more experience). If given during an OPV campaign, give Vitamin A after the OPV dose to improve compliance as Vitamin A tastes bitter.
In correct dose, Vitamin A is safe without negative effects on seroconversion rates for OPV or measles vaccine. Occasionally there are side effects such as headache, loss of appetite, vomiting, bulging fontanel in infants, may occur the day after the Vitamin A dosing. These symptoms are minor and transitory without know long-term adverse effects and do not require treatment.

Component of a kit:
S9901006 - IEHK2011,kit,suppl.1-drugs

Complementary Requirements, to be ordered separately:
Scissors or nail clippers to cut open the capsule

Emergency scenarios
In association with National Immunization Days/ vaccination campaign. In Vitamin A deficient areas.

Transport and Storage: yes
Controlled temperature: yes
Hazardous goods: no
Controlled substance: No
Batch managed: yes
Shelf life: yes

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