Water purif.(NaDCC) 33mg tabs/PAC-50

Water purification (NaDCC) 33mg tablets, pack of 50.
Pack containing 5 foil strips of 10 tablets each.
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General Description:
Water purification (NaDCC) 33mg tablets, pack of 50
Pack containing 5 foil strips of 10 tablets each.

Technical Specifications:
Water purification tablets containing 33 mg sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) which releases 20 mg available chlorine.
The product must be suitable for treatment of water for human consumption (drinking water).
The anhydrous sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) compound must be certified by NSF International (or delegated organism) to the NSF/ANSI standard 60. The product must also comply with the EN 12931:2000 standard.
The effervescent base used in addition to the NaDCC must be of pharmaceutical or food grade quality.

Transport and storage:
Shelf life: 5 years
Storage: Store in dry and well ventilated room

Instruction for use:
Dissolve 1 tablet in 4-5 litres of clean water.
Allow contact for 30 minutes minimum before drinking.
Cloudy water should first be filtered or allowed to settle.

CAUTION: Avoid inhaling vapours.
Do not expose the product to flame.
Do not incinerate.
The product can be mixed with anionic detergents such as soft soap. But in case of doubt about the nature of the detergent avoid mixture. Toxic chlorine gas can be released with other types of detergent.
Do not mix with acid solutions. It causes release of toxic chlorine gas.
Store in dry and well ventilated places

Component of a kit:
S5006122 - WASH&DignityKit,firstResp,1HH,noPurifTab
S5006123 - WASH&DignityKit,firstResp,5HH,noPurifTab
S9901152 - WASH&DignityKit,firstResp,1HH,w PurifTab
S9901153 - WASH&DignityKit,firstResp,5HH,wPurifTab

Precondition for utilisation:
Adequate explanation and instructions required, especially where low literacy levels exist amongst beneficiaries.

Alternative if the item is not available:
For 8.5 mg water purification tablets, refer to catalogue item: S1588350 – Water purify.(NaDCC) 8.5mg tabs/PAC-100

Complementary Requirements to be ordered separately:
Household level clean water containers required (e.g. S5007311 Water cont, PVC/PE,10l, collapsible w/o logo)

Emergency scenarios
All emergencies where quality of drinking water quality supplied to / accessed by the households is considered high risk

Context in which item is mainly used:
Used as household level safety net for drinking water quality assurance until such time as chlorination / treatment of centralised supplies can be assured / achieved

Target population:
For family of 5, one month supply for clean drinking water is covered by 9 packs (@50 tabs)

Emergency scenarios where the item should not be used:
In highly turbid water, NaDCC should be complimented by a flocculent

Other Emergency scenario considerations:
Tablet dosage needs to be in line with existing container size.

Cultural considerations: Residual chlorine requires adaption of beneficiaries to “altered” taste; Time to release of chlorine and settlement to acceptable residual levels needs to be explained

Other country specific considerations: Where no prior exposure to similar household level water treatment options exists, attention to awareness and training on “safety” of water needs required.
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