Safety scissors, school type, with blunt/blunt stainless steel blades; packed in boxes of 10 each

Indicative Price 1.38 USD

General Description:
Scissors, safety, school, Blunt/Blunt, 135mm, box of 10 each

Technical Specifications:
Scissors, safety, school type, blunt/blunt blades of stainless steel with rounded tips and a rivet of stainless steel or rust-proof metal securing the two blades. The handle is of sturdy plastic with minimum horizontal movement of the handle and blades. Total length of the scissors: 135 mm. Each scissors is fitted with a hard plastic edge protector, which fits securely over the cutting blades. The grip loop on the handle is made for left and right handed users.

Packaging and labelling:
One cardboard box containing 10 scissors

Weight and Volume: Estimated weight: 0.250kg

Estimated volume: 0.450CDM

Instructions for use:
The scissors are intended for use by younger children, for cutting paper or light card.

Component of a kit:
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S9935011 - School-in-a-carton,40 students, 2016
S9935064 - Early Childhood Dvt (ECD) kit, 2016
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