Pad,paper,coloured,A4,50 sheets/PAC-10

Paper pad A4-sized (297 x 210mm) 50 plain (un-ruled)
coloured sheets
Indicative Price 4.39 USD
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General Description:
Pad, paper, coloured, A4 size, plain, 50 sheets, PAC/10.

Technical Specifications:
Paper pad, 50 sheets A4-sized (297 x 210 mm) plain (un-ruled) coloured sheets,hot-glued on the 210 mm side, with front-cover and cardboard backing.

Sheets to be of 75% recovered paper fibres (post and pre-consumer waste), 80 gsm with a cardboard backing sheet of approximately 600 gsm, and a front covering sheet of approximately 160 gsm.

The sheets to be hot-glued to the front-cover and cardboard backing. The pad should contain sheets of a minimum of 5 different strong colours.

The composition of the paper should be homogenous with no
inclusions/alien particles and be suitable for a range of art activities # painting, colouring, sticking etc.

Recycled paper

Packaging and labeling:
Ten paper pads wrapped in a well-fitting 40 micron PP shrink pack.
Please also refer to the General Packing Requirements.
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