Basketball,professional size

Basketball, professional/official size and circumference 75-78 cm, 600-650 g
Indicative Price 2.91 USD

General Description:
Basketball, professional size

Technical Specifications:
Basketball, professional/official size and circumference 75-78 cm, 600-650g; deflated. Outer casing: rubber, 8 panels; bladder: butyl, nylon wound, seamless, non-return valve. The basketball is supplied with two non-return inflating needles.
The ball is suitable for all types of playgrounds.
Colour orange.

Packaging and labelling:
Deflated and individually packed in a perforated plastic bag, to allow for ventilation. The two non-return inflating needles packed inside the bag.

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables:
If required, the following items should be ordered separately:
S2741600 - Inflating kit for balls

Weight and Volume:
Estimated weight: 0.730kg
Estimated volume: 2.496cdm

Instructions for use:
Physical education/recreation

Component of a kit:
S9935024 - Recreation kit, 2016
S9935034 - Recreation kit-in-a-carton, 2016
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