Hard surface Football, Size 4

Rubber football for use on hard surfaces, size 4.
Indicative Price 7.01 USD

General Description:
Rubber football for use on hard surfaces, size 4.

Technical Specifications:
Official size 4 Rubber ball for use on multiple hard surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and gravel. The ball is made from 100% rubber material, along with a rubber bladder. The ball is hand stitched, and vendors will provide certificates of good manufacturing process or recent CSR audit reports at the manufacturing sites.

Size: Official game size number 4 football
Panels:32 panels 20 hexagonal/12 pentagonal
Material: 100% rubber
Bladder: rubber Carcass/Butyl
Finishing: Panels hand stitched

Needles: 2 steel filing needles included

The football will be delivered deflated. The football is inserted into a plastic bag along with 2 needle adaptors for pump. The bag is closed, and a sticker printed with the UNICEF material number and the UNICEF material description is attached to one side of the bag.

Packaging and labelling:
Deflated and individually packed in a perforated plastic bag to allow for ventilation. The two non-return inflating needles are packed inside the bag.

Component of a kit:
S9935024 - Recreation kit, 2016
S9935034 - Recreation kit-in-a-carton, 2016
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