Board Games, box of 3 games

Board Games, box of 3 games
Indicative Price 3.93 USD

General Description:
Board Games, box of 3 games

Technical Specifications:
Board games containing 3 individual boards and game pieces for chess, checkers and slides and ladders. Size is 30x30cm +/- 2 cm. The boards for the games is made from approx. 2mm recycled board and laminated on both sides with full color printed images of the games. All three boards are printed with chess/checker squares and slides and ladders on one side and one of the other games on the other side (i.e. chess/slides and ladders etc.).

Individual Packaging
Individual Unit: each individual unit is packed in a recycled plastic bag.

Component of a kit:
S9935024 - Recreation kit, 2016
S9935034 - Recreation kit-in-a-carton, 2016
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