bOPV,bivalent type 1+3,vial of 20 doses

Oral Polio Vaccine, bivalent (OPV type 1 and 3)vial of 20 doses.
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General Description:
Oral Polio Vaccine, bivalent, (OPV type 1 and 3), vial of 20 doses

Poliomyelitis vaccine, live, oral, bivalent, 20 dose presentation; ready for use either in vial with dropper or in the form of dispenser, with vaccine vial monitor (VVM) affixed on to individual vial/dispenser. It is a bivalent vaccine containing suspension of type 1 and 3 attenuated poliomyelitis virus (Sabin strain).

For information on product specifications, refer to the WHO website on Prequalified Vaccines.
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http://www.who.int/immunization_standards/vaccine_quality/PQ_vaccine_lis t_en/en/index.html

bOPV must only be administered orally. Two drops are delivered directly into the mouth from the multi-dose vial by dropper or dispenser. Care should be taken not to contaminate a multi-dose dropper with saliva of the vaccine.

Once opened, multi-dose vials should be stored under appropriate cold chain conditions (as recommended by the manufacturer). Multi-dose vials of bOPV from which one or more doses of vaccine have been removed during an immunization session may be used in subsequent immunization sessions for up to a maximum of 4 weeks, provided that all of the following conditions are met (as described in the WHO policy statement: The use of opened multi-dose vials in subsequent immunization sessions.

The expiry date has not passed;
The vaccines are stored under appropriate cold chain conditions;
The vaccine vial septum has not been submerged in water;
Aseptic technique has been used to withdraw all doses;
The vaccine vial monitor (VVM) has not reached the discard point.

Immunization Schedule:
Bivalent Types 1 & 3 Oral Poliomyelitis Vaccine is indicated for poliomyelitis Supplementary Immunization Activities (SIAs) in children from 0 to 5 years of age, to interrupt types 1 & 3 poliovirus transmission in remaining polio endemic areas. The routine poliomyelitis vaccination programme should continue to use trivalent vaccines according to national policy.

Transport and Storage:
Vaccine is potent if stored at not higher than -20°C until the expiry date indicated on the vial. It can be stored for up to six months between +2°C and +8°C. The vaccine supplied in plastic tubes may change colour due to storage with dry ice; however this does not affect the quality of the vaccine.

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