JE vaccine, lyophilised, 5 doses/vial

Japanese Encephalitis (JE) vaccine, lyophilised, 5 doses per vial
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General Description:

Japanese Encephalitis (JE) live vaccine (live, attenuated), lyophilised, presentation (5 doses per vial), single dose course.

The vaccines supplied by UNICEF are all WHO pre-qualified and therefore produced and assessed by WHO according to the WHO Technical Reports Series 910 (Annex 3), detailing the “Recommendations to Assure the Quality, Safety and Efficacy of Japanese Encephalitis Vaccines”.

Complete technical information can be found on the WHO website:
https://www.who.int/immunization_standards/va ccine_quality/pq_271_je_5dose_chengdu/en/

D. Standard EXPORT Packing Dimensions and Weight:

Total no. of Doses per
EXPORT Packing:5000 doses5000 doses

Total no. of Vials per
EXPORT Packing:1000 vials1000 vials

Dimensions: Length:730mm550mm

Gross Weight:21kg14kg
Net Weight:7.5kg11kg

Number of inner cartons per
EXPORT Packing:OneOne

E. Standard INNER CARTON Packing Dimensions and Weight:

Total no. of Doses per
inner carton:5000 doses5000 doses
Total no. of Vials per
inner carton:1000 vials1000 vials

Dimensions: Length:445mm445mm

Gross Weight:7.5kg11kg
Net Weight:5.8kg9.6kg

Package insert included:
https://www.who.int/immunization_stand ards/vaccine_quality/pq271_jev_5dose_chengdu_insert.jpg
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