Rotavirus vaccine, oral ,5ds, 2.5ml

Oral Rotavirus vaccine, 5 dose, 2.5 ML, With Vaccine Vial Monitor (VVM2)

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General Description:
Oral Rotavirus vaccine, 5 dose, 2.5ML, With Vaccine Vial Monitor (VVM2)

Technical specifications:
Rotavirus vaccine (live attenuated, oral) is a monovalent vaccine containing suspension of live rotavirus 116E prepared in Vero Cells. Rotavirus 116E is classified as G9P [11]. A single human dose is 0.5ml containing not less than [NLT] 10°C FFU [Focus Forming Unit] of live rotavirus 116E

The vaccine is manufactured as a liquid frozen preparation. In liquid form, the vaccine is generally pink in colour and may sometimes change (or light yellow) in colour. This change in colour does not impact the quality of vaccine.
ROTAVAC Vial should be fully thawed (Till liquid) Prior to Administration.


Items supplied with:

Shelf life:
5 years at -20°C, vaccine can be stored for up to 6 months at 2-8°C.

Storage and transportation:
The products storage temperature is -20°C. The product can be stored at 2-8°C for up to 6 months
Rotavac can be transported at 5°C +/- 3°C using -20°C frozen gel packs.
3M Vaccine card monitor is used.

Packaging and labeling:
PRESENTATION: USP type 1 glass vials, 2.5ml vial with a pharmaceutical grade stopper of Grey Bromo Butyl Rubber, with an aluminium cap and pink plastic flip off seal.

Weight and volume
Weight 0.03kg
Volume 2.5ml
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